Monday, 23 May 2011

Model show at Croft Village Hall Sunday 22nd May

A few pictures from the 8th Annual Model show at Croft Village Hall Warrington in aid of
The British Heart Foundation a good days gaming at a small model show
which I understand raised over £1500 pounds for the charity  
Game was base on Little Round Top using the Black Powder Rules;
the confederates almost took the hill …. If it wasn’t for my appalling dice throwing ability (never seen so many one’s)

Sheffield Triples 2011

A few pictures of some of the games from Sheffield Triples 2011 starting with the nice man from The Society Of Ancients 
Bring and Buy busy as normal 
Grimsby Wargames Society with Corporal John and the Sun King 
Burton and District Wargamers
Like a Stone Wall Battle of Antietam
Ilkley Lads Lake Trasimene 217BC
Bramley Barn Litzen 1813
If I have got anything wrong with the accreditation of games I do apologise

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Monday, 16 May 2011

Phalanx 2011

Saturday June 18th 2011
The Sutton Community and Leisure Centre
Elton Head Road St Helens
01744 677 375

Adults £3.00, Children under 16 £1.00, accompanied children under 16 free
Traders, demonstration and participation games, Bring & Buy.
Refreshments are available throughout the day. Plenty of FREE parking & Easy disabled access.

Traders that have confirmed as of 10th May (more still to confirm)

Baccus 6mm
Caliver Books
Curteys Miniatures / 1st Corps
David Lanchester Books
Fighting 15s
Figures in Comfort
Gateshead Gaming
GB & SD Hobbies
Grubby Tanks
Instant Armies & Veteran Miniatures
Irregular Miniatures
Kuriosity Kingdom
Lancashire Games
Lesley's Bits Box
Realistic Wargames Ltd
Rumbling Guns
S & A Scenics
Sergeants Mess
Mutineer Miniatures
Perry Miniatures, Crusader, Foundry etc
Staffordshire Games / Vendal Miniatures
The Dice Shop Online
Tiger Miniatures
Tiny Tin Troops
Tumbling Dice
Under The Bed Enterprises
Wargames Supply Dump

Fighting 15s have requested that could people place orders in advance as they travelling quite light this year but I should think that this goes for all traders ….

Any traders please contact.
Any Clubs please contact

Or visit the Club website

Club and Demo Games Phalanx

Some of the Demo games for Phalanx 2011

Rob Martin from SFSFW is doing a 28mm Dr Who set in the 1930s called 'Agatha Christie, the
 Doctor and the Clockwork soldiers'

Neil Rennoldson from Pike & Shot Society will be running a 30YW participation game called 'Wallensteins Washing', which as you might imagine is a little light-hearted.

Craig from Wigan Wargames will be running a Critical Mass 15mm sci-fi company level game.  The game will be participation.

Paul Reid from MAWS will be attending with a gladiator game where kids can win a roman coin if they win

Jonathan Murphy from Cobridge Old Contemptibles Club will be running a 25mm ACW computer-moderated game using the Computer Strategies Rally Once More rules

Marc Williams from Battlestroke will attending with his 'Comanche moon' demo game, a really nice looking game that has won awards wherever shown

Paul Simms will be running a WW2 France 1940 game

Dave Halewood from Crosby Wargames Group will be attending with a 20mm Very British Civil War game

Monday, 9 May 2011

ACW Game Using Black Powder Club Night St Helens Spartans 20th April 2011

First game outing for the Perry ACW using Black Powder rules at the club, fantastic game with the brave boys from the South holding off a large Union assault on good old Virginia
  Figures painted by Nick, Andy and yours truly  

Sunday, 8 May 2011

World War 2 Russian Tanks

Start of my 20mm Russian tanks this one is an Armour fast kit with some odds and ends added and tank riders from SHQ...