Thursday, 30 June 2011

Club Shoot to Thrill Night

In anticipation of our new club website (More info as its release date approaches) we arranged a Shoot to thrill Night at the club, people where asked to bring along any figures or models that they may like on the new gallery page here are some of the results hope you like them

Thats all for now hope you like them

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Phalanx 2011 Walk about

Ok Phalanx is over for another year so I would like to take you on a little walk around just to finish things off for this year

 Traders Setting Up

View of the main Hall

Winners of the best Demo Games

East Lancashire Wargames Society

Winners of Best Participation and
Best in Show
Marc Williams
Comanche Moon

Just Some of the Fantastic games on show

More can be found  Here

I would like to thank all the traders and clubs for a great day

See you next year on the 16th June 2012