Monday, 18 July 2011

From The Workbench 17th July 2011

Thought I would let you know what’s been on and off the workbench this week, so to start lets have a look at the bench in all its glory 

  It’s a nice small room at the back of the house so I can have a bit of me time without 2 teenage girls and one very sympathetic other half asking why daddy plays with toy soldiers …….. 

Ok, now for the work done this week we start with some Gripping Beast plastic vikings on warbases made bases
Next we have some fantastic Redoubt Enterprises ACW with a Perry Miniatures gun

 Moving on a bit now to some WW2 stuff from The plastic soldier company T34 / 76 three kits per box really easy to put together 

Last are somw more WW2 stuff form Armourfast a few 251's all the infanrty in these shots are not painted by me but are from Andy Grubb which he sells at shows again bases are from warbases

Ok thats it for now had a good week for painting please feel free to comment 


  1. Very jealous of the room and love the Civil War folk. All the best, Michael

  2. We have moved around a lot with work and the only stipulation on the house is that I can have a small room as my own

  3. Nice working space and great 20mm WW2.

  4. Good looking workroom and some neat looking minis